Best VST modulation effects : Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Pitch shifter - Coyotus

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Modulation (chorus,phaser,flanger,pitch shifter)
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4 Band Shifter, BassChorus, Blue Cat's Phaser, Blue Cat's Stereo Flanger, Chorus CH-2, Classic Chorus, Classic Flanger, Classic Phaser, Cobalt chorus, Coyote Phase, Flang-3R, FlangerHand, IxoxChorus, KeroVee, MonstaChorus, MykraChorus v.2.0, SimpliChorus, Son of a pitch, Spiner LE, SupaPhaser v.3.0, Tal Chorus, TAL-Flanger, Ukm chorus2, UltraPhazer, Vocov v.2.13

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